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Here are common questions grouped into categories


About the Shampoo
1. Do you need a conditioner to go along with the Silky Shampoo? Or a hair spray?
No need, it is already balanced. In fact typical Conditioners are adhesive and silicone which make the skin and hair unable to breathe. You will get better results with Silky anyway. You will save on conditioner, hair spray and anti-flea medication when you use Silky Dog Shampoo.


2. What are your ingredients?
We use natural process. So they are water, sodium chloride, glycerin and plant based oils.
For the fragrance, we use a variety of oil essences from plants.
For the anti-flea we use a type of plant that repels flea.

We do not use other ingredients that other shampoos use to improve the cosmetic look and feel of the liquid.
These ingredients work too harsly on the dog's skin or even human's skin.

In short, Love is our ingredient.

We use only what we consider and tested good for the dog.
Rest assured that what you use for your dog, is what we use for our own.


3. I thought my dog's hair is rough because of its genes. Will your shampoo work?
We tried our shampoos on a variety of dogs, pedigree and mongrels.
We find that for even the short-haired dogs like Daschund with rough hair, our shampoo can make the hair smoother.
A rough dry hair is mostly due to the use of harsh chemicals that rips the hair of its natural compounds.
Almost all of dog shampoos were tested to contain these chemicals.
It is not because of genes.
So the short answer is Yes, it will work.


4. My dog is scared of the water. I can't bathe him so i send to professional groomer. How to DIY?
Well then how can the professional groomer command your dog to stay still?
It really has a lot to do on how you introduce the whole grooming session.
Make the whole session a positive and happy occasion, but not too excited one.

Were you nervous? If you are, your dog will be nervous too.
Were you unsure? Then your dog will be too.
We created a 3 parts video at the home page to help you how. 
Even when we already wash our dogs 1000 times, you can see sometimes they are a little unsure.


5. My dog has a lot of flea. Will your shampoo solve it?
If you can spot a flea easily on your dog, and the sizes of the flea is bigger than a Chinese full stop, then that condition requires immediate veterinary attention.
There are medications and injections to stop it.
Our shampoo is the first line of defense and prevention of dog flea. But if the situation is already very bad, please consult a vet. Usually they will give oral pills for urgent conditions.


6. My dog is using medicated shampoo prescribed by the vet due to sensitive skin but I notice the hair is still rough. How come?

Medicated shampoo in the market still use surfactants, but they add in more glycerine artificially to slightly decrease the damage to the skin. There is still damage though. Over time, the damage will still be observed. So it is only slightly better than commercial dog shampoo. They are seldom loaded with essential oils derived naturally from plants. It will cost too much more. Our shampoo does not contain surfactant at all and we design and make the shampoo with little regard about costs or profit-makig mindset. We want the best for our dogs and this is the formula we use for our own dogs. 

Give our shampoo a try. You can use your current shampoo on the front, and use Silky at the back. Rinse, dry and see the difference.


7. My dog has "sensitive skin". Is it because of the diet? And is it safe to use your shampoo?

If rashes are appearing all over the body and the color is uniform, then it can be due to diet.
One of our dogs develop allergy to chicken and eggs. Her skin will turn pink after feeding with chicken products.
However usually "sensitive skin" is due to the shampoo used.
Most pedigree dogs have thinner protection layer of skin than mongrels. 
This protection is delicate and the use of surfactants can damage and irritate the skin.
So your dog is actually sensitive to toxic chemicals that are in the shampoo.

Then it is inaccurate to say that your dog is born with a genetic defect and hence require a special shampoo.
The poor dog is just reacting to harmful chemicals in that shampoo.
And this reaction does not take place instantly. It can take months, or even years before the protective layer is damaged.
That is how other dog shampoos can get away with it without the average consumer noticing.

We have customers whose dogs are termed with "sensitive skin". They do excellent with our shampoo.
We are confident behind our brand because we understand the root of the problem and we do not put in harmful chemicals in our shampoo in the first place. Instead we fill it up with essential oils to make your dog have healthy skin and hair.


8. Is my dog having food allergy, shampoo problem or both?

In food allergy, the underbelly is warm or even hot. Color is uniformly pinkish red. Uniform not by patches.
Why? Body reacts by creating fever like conditions to kill "foreign organisms/objects" in the body. Blood vessels dilate and rises up to the skin and hence red color.

In shampoo problem, the redness happen in patches. Usual areas include paws, underbelly, armpits and ears.
Why? These areas are the last area where the toxins of the shampoo leave the body. Armpits and behind ear folds trapped the toxins, paws is because gravity pulls the toxins down. There are cases where the topcoat area has patches of red, but seldom.

Yes you can have both problems as described.

It is very easy to tell. We are not sure why vets are so confused when it really is that simple and clear cut!


9. Is Silky a medicated shampoo?

Two holistic and open-minded vet surgeons support our dog shampoo. 1 each in Brazil (Dr Veronica Tessari) and Indonesia(Dr Gunawan).

Oh we hate to use the word so called "medicated shampoo" cos we do way better than most vets. And furthermore these so-called medicated shampoo have HIGHER concentration of toxins to strip the skin cells off. So yes, you can sandpaper off the top skin, but keep doing that and the skin gets irritated.

We are doing much better than most "medicated shampoo" and other vets' arsenal of steroids and antibiotics. Our testimonials prove.

10.  I don't like your shampoo cos there is no foam. Can you re-formulate?

Foaming agents are irritating the dog's skin. Try this:
Apply your (other) dog shampoo on your palm and wait for 5 min, undiluted. You would feel burning or numb sensation. That's the harmful toxins at work. They use the same stuff in detergents and floor cleaners. Imagine how your furkids would have felt! Even if you dilute them with lots of water, the toxins would accumulate over time and skin problems will occur later on. Try the same with Silky, no pain.

I can reformulate and add in foaming agent. It is cheap. Just usd 0.10 per 500ml bottle. But will we get the same results? No. It will wreak havoc to our formula and to your dog.

To us, we are stubborn on quality. We dont care too much about profitability, business viability. We truly care about dogs' well being. If Silky business loses money(touch wood), we have other businesses to support it. This is our family's mission. That's how serious we are.

So to each his own. Every dog owner has the prerogative to decide, we cannot force upon free will. Soon the truth will set all of us free.


About Ordering
1.  How long is the delivery?
2-3 days.
Otherwise it will be delivered the next following day or as per your request in the "Your Comments" field.


2. Do you deliver on Sundays or Public Holidays?
We can only deliver on weekdays and Saturdays.


3. I do not have Paypal account, can I pay by credit card?
Paypal has a new feature. Now you do not need to have a Paypal account just to pay using your credit card.
You can pay by credit card via Paypal.
Or if you have a balance in Paypal, you can use it here as well.


4. I like your shampoo and would like to buy it for my family overseas (Countries other than Singapore). Do you ship overseas?
We could not post liquids overseas or away from Singapore.
We need a special export license and then corresponding import licenses for every destination country.

So to solve this, we have successfully solidified our shampoo into crystals. 
By shipping crystals instead of liquids, we also cut costs on packaging and shipping. 
Hence we are able to keep our price low for our international customers.


Customers would have to add water with a blender and wait for 3 days before it is ready for use.
50 Gram of the crystals will yield 1L of the shampoo.

We will declare this as "Bath Crystals" for customs purpose.
We have shipped to Europe, USA, Thailand, Korea, China... No problem.


Q: I have more questions. How can I contact you?
Please email us at silkydogshop@gmail.com. We will answer your queries ASAP.