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Your dog shampoo may contain harmful chemicals.

dog shampoo in singapore contain harmful chemicals

If you notice your dog's hair rough and dry, 
If you notice the shampoo is thick and sticky,
If you notice the shampoo creates foam,
And if you could read the labels and spot the chemicals,

You need to change your dog's shampoo now!



No Foam,
No Skin Problem

Quick Practical Test:
Apply your current dog shampoo on your palm and wait for 5 min, undiluted. You would feel burning or numb sensation. That's the harmful toxins at work. They use the same stuff in detergents and floor cleaners. Imagine how your furkids would have felt! Even if you dilute them with lots of water, the toxins would accumulate over time and skin problems will occur later on.


Update: Other Dog Shampoos contain even worse and harsher chemicals. We solved dogs that went to vet but did not get any better. To learn more about this, go to "Common Problems" Tab.

maltese tear stain problem solved dog skin problems solved

Quick Chemistry:

1. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS): Foaming agent and Surfactant. 
Layman terms: Create bubbles and trap oil and dirt.
Why is it so bad: They use this ingredient in drain cleaners, and to test if a lotion/cream/steroid can work for skin irritation, they use this stuff on the skin first to irritate the skin.

Related ingredients: Decyl Glucoside, Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Ammonium Laureth sulphate

2. Cocomide DEA: Foaming agent and thickener
Layman terms: Create bubbles and make the liquid thick like honey
Why is it so bad: Cancer and high irritation rates. Restricted in California.

3. Cocamidopropyl betaine: Surfactant...almost same function and dangers as no. 2.

Because our shampoo does not contain these ingredients, it is slimy and non foamy. But it cleans way better!

That's our technology.
Nobody else can achieve a formula that is both great at cleaning and is gentle.
If it is gentle, they cannot clean well.
If it cleans well, they cannot be gentle.
Our formula is both gentle and cleans well.











Summary Map of Common Problems Dogs Face

(click map to read more)
Explanation why your dog have common skin and hair problems and disease

What's unique about Silky?
Unlike other dog shampoos, Silky does not contain harmful chemicals in the formula that make your dog's hair rough and dry. These chemicals are known as surfactants.

Silky cleans much better, also for the same reason.
Silky prevents flea and tick from even landing on your dog.
Plus it smells good. You would want to be attached 24/7 with your best friend.

Our basic ingredients are: Water, sodium chloride (salt), Plant based oils, Glycerin. No harmful chemicals as we use the formula for our own beloved dogs.



dog shampoo before and after we use on Miki our silky terrier This is Miki. We adopted her from SPCA (Singapore). She was bald and skinny then. We use Silky Dog Shampoo on her and all of our dogs. Now she's gorgeous!
Tear stain in Maltese, we solved it. Tear stain is a common problem. Mimi, our Maltese had it. Tear stain is a yeast. Irritants in other dog shampoo cause itchiness and hence tearing of the eyes, scratching and licking. The area is usually moist from the tears or the saliva. Then the yeast grows. The yeast irritates them and this viscious cycle continued. 
Betsy has a fungal infection on the underbelly, especially on the armpits. We solved it.
Casper and his red yeast problem he has as a dog Casper had a red brown yeast near the mouth, legs and the underbelly. This is actually the same yeast which happens near the eyes and what is normally called "tear stain". Solution is to cut the brown orange hair that is infiltrated by the yeast and use Silky Shampoo. Process takes 6-8 weeks.





Why switch to Silky dog shampoo now?
Because you care.

We know you care for your dog, a lot.

And that is also the reason why we develop the shampoo in the first place, and we stopped using other brands. We still have a huge stockpile of shampoos from other brands. After knowing and experiencing what they do to our dogs' hair, we do not look back.

It is not just a theory. We experienced it first hand with our dogs, pedigree and mongrels, short hair and long hair.






This is what our customers say about our shampoo. We respect customers' privacy. All testimonials displayed here have prior consent and expressed permission from our customers, with the hope that others facing the same problems could find the solutions like they did. If you want to submit your testimonial, feel free to email us at

We do better than vets' prescribed shampoo and prescribed cream:





"Just had my very first bathe using Silky shampoo. Mommy went to read up on the reviews and thought that she should get it for my first bathe without damaging my fur and cause allergy(if any). And the result of using it turned out to be really good as it smells good and my furs are very soft and fluffy. Thanks @silkydogshop for the shampoo and i would highly recommend to my paw friends(; Do get your humans to get one for you too! It can easily be purchased @ Furthermore, the process of ordering it to getting it to your doorstep is really prompt too!

@maltipoobacon: i use silky dog shampoo too 


Michael testimonial of our dog shampooanother testimonial about our dog shampooSilky Dog Shampoo testimonials from our Japanese customer

whatsapp testimonial of our dog shampoo another testimonial about our dog shampoo Silky Dog Shampoo testimonials from our whatsapp

another customer happy with silky dog shampoo.

another customer happy with silky dog shampoo. dog skin problem we solved





Email testimonial for our dog shampoo


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Here you can find video demos on how we wash our dogs with our Silky Conditinoning shampoo. And as an extra, we show some tips on how to toilet train dogs in what we call "pee parade".

Video 1: Washing Betsy



Video 2: Washing Mimi


Video 3: Washing Miki

Extra Video: How to train dogs for toilet training aka "Pee Parade"



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